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On why you might not want to mix your markup with the templating logic (copied from a blog post I wrote a while back [1]):

- Designers and developers will have a hard time working on the same file, especially the designers who don’t necessarily understand the templating rules language, and can easily break the whole thing when trying to modify the file.

- Also, when provided with a new version of the template text (say, a new version of the HTML from the designers), it’ll be hard to incorporate the modifications into the original template with all the template rules scattered inside it.

Regarding how to generate dynamic markup and not mixing the markup with templating logic, I'll cite approaches like Apache Wicket [2] (although you still need to add a couple of attributes to the markup) and server-side jQuery like select and transform templating, such as what is done in Enlive [3] and Moulder [4] (a pet project of mine)

[1] http://jawher.net/2011/01/06/on-templating-and-a-shameless-p...

[2] http://wicket.apache.org/learn/examples/helloworld.html

[3] https://github.com/cgrand/enlive/wiki

[4] http://jawher.net/2011/03/03/moulder-in-action/

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