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Frameworks have been suggested, and are a good option. A good understanding of MVC will carry you through though, and if you are only building small things then an ad-hoc MVC set up will probably get you most of the way to readable, flexible, maintainable code. One good tool for separating code and HTML is using a templating engine of some sort, I adore Smarty and normally recommend it without hesitation, but have to admit that Twig seems to have all the advantages and none of the disadvantages. I haven't used Twig yet though, so I don't know for sure!

I've used twig quite a bit. Its leagues better than Smarty in every way. I heartily recommend you give it a spin. Having autoescaping built-in is a powerful and fantastic feature.

Smarty can actually do auto-escaping. Twig was specced in the Smarty 2 era and Smarty 3 and Twig ended up solving the problem in very similar ways. My biggest gripe with Smarty is how damn unprofessional it is - backwards compatibility breaking changes on point upgrades for example, and the code and "API" (I use the term loosely) is a mess.

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