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I'm convinced that this post is satire and the author has trolled us all.

In fact, i reject any other explaination. Sticks fingers in ears. Lalalalala, it's satire, nobody is this incompetent. Lalalalala, can't hear you.

> PHP is exactly like C. Either you like both or you don’t like either, there is no claim you can make about PHP that can’t be made about C as well, and vice versa.

This is absolutely satire. I don't think anyone can troll much harder than "PHP is exactly like C".

Cedric used to work for Google. He was, on occasion, a brilliantly hilarious troll.

The best one has to be running your site from a git repo.

I'm not sure why running old code on an old server that has support for the old code is considered a good thing about PHP. I love BASIC because I can boot up a C64 and the code I wrote 20 years ago still works today!

> The best one has to be running your site from a git repo.

What's wrong with that? `git pull` to update everything to the latest HEAD, `git co -- HEAD~1` to roll back the latest update, `git diff` to see the latest differences, etc...

This repo doesn't have to be the development repo, just a specialized non-bare repo that's used just for production. It works great for simple sites that don't require extensive deployment infrastructure.

Careful with that, git operations aren't atomic. Safer to keep two git dirs and flip a symlink between them between pulls.

I really did consider that since the other posts by the author sound considerably more sane, but he's incredibly good at deadpan if so.

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