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lhnz 983 days ago | link | parent

Have a play around with a framework such as Symfony [1]. That's the most natural way of learning a better style of PHP web development.

[1] http://www.symfony-project.org/

eropple 983 days ago | link

Any particular reason you're linking to Symfony instead of Symfony2? I find the latter so much easier to read and work with it's not even funny.


lhnz 983 days ago | link

Nope. I wasn't paying attention and did not realise that there was a new website. :)


wildmXranat 983 days ago | link

I'm not sure about that claim. I've been working with SF for years and tried SF2 during early beta and I don't think it's that clear cut. Then again, I don't care that much so - carry on


FuzzyDunlop 983 days ago | link

The doc's fairly incomplete and requires you to actually browse through all the separate libraries that comprise the standard distro to even understand what you can use and where. It being OOP-tastic and brimming with interfaces and namespacing is great, but it is far from friendly to Symfony newbies.

Feels like you have to know Symfony 1 to understand what 2 is trying to do really. I wouldn't recommend it as a good intro to MVC.


seminal 983 days ago | link

The SF2 docs have really come along since the early beta. As a beginner looking at both for the first time SF2 seems more clear.


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