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You can't blame PHP because the developers using it write messy code.

I'll have the same problem in Java. I'll need to find out where I implemented some logic, and have to start digging through classes and following my own breadcrumbs until I find it sometimes.

Just because I commented my code poorly, or put logic in the wrong place isn't the fault of Java, it's my own, and the languages, Java and PHP, in my opinion, are easy and fun to work with for the most part.

It happens with any language. But at least in Java you're limited (as far as I know) to looking through what you've explicitly imported. If you include a file in PHP, you have access to everything that that file included in itself, and everything that those files included, and so forth.

Excuse my ignorance, but don't you have the same behavior with `require` in Ruby? How are the behaviors of Ruby's `require` and PHP's `include_once` different?

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