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> PHP is exactly like C. Either you like both or you don’t like either, there is no claim you can make about PHP that can’t be made about C as well, and vice versa

* C is fast and has tight resource control

* C is portable

* C has a transitive (==) operator


Yeah, clearly this is a troll blog. Congrats to the troll.

I sort-of felt like this comment was added in his post to get the blood boiling a little.

I love his other points about PHP (as I too like PHP), but I felt this was one of those bold statements that was a little sensational and attention grabbing at best. I too find it pretty far fetched.

I honestly don't intend this in a mean way (I mostly code in PHP at present), but if you loved his other points you might want to delve a little deeper. PHP is a good enough language, but a lot of what he is saying is either incorrect, poor form, or championing solutions to problems that simply don't exist in other languages.

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