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Does Vantage offer comparisons for Backblaze B2, OVH etc?

When looking at object storage, tail latency is probably the single most overlooked metric, and the most material differentiator between providers after bandwidth costs. Don't sweat the cent spent on storing an object, worry about the cost of the 6,000,0000 copies of it you'll ship after it's stored.

As for bandwidth, CloudFlare becomes uninteresting the moment your account starts to see any real consumption, even AWS are easier to negotiate with.

We are working a more holistic approach to ingesting and providing recommendations from companies like Backblaze, OVH, etc. in addition to many, many more providers for other AWS services. The goal being that we can give customers the tools they need to get visibility on what options exist and take action themselves from there.

What's "real consumption"? I'm getting 1tb egress / day on a $20/mo plan.

> What's "real consumption"

Workloads you couldn't host on a cable modem

Your average cable modem can't do a good job of hosting much more than 50GB/day. Would you say that 1TB/day is well into 'real' then? You seem dismissive of that much.

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