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Registrar for Everyone (cloudflare.com)
20 points by geostyx on Sept 28, 2021 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

It feels censored. Is it? For example:

- bigbongforbonnie.com = 1 exact match

- bigbongforbonnie = no results

- bigbongsforbonnie = lots of recommendations that aren't good

For the last one, I say the recommendations aren't good because the .com is available. I used 'bong' as an example because it seems like any drug related terms or slang are disallowed, but it's super strict and bleeds over into legitimate uses.

For example, imagine you run PEI Pipe Fitters in PEI, Canada and search for 'peipipefitters'. The .com is available, but it gives terrible recommendations instead. The recommendations don't even include the words 'pipe fitter'. It swaps 'floor' for pipe. What a clbuttic mistake. Lol. You have to go for the exact match search (peipipefitters.com) just to realize the .com is available.

Swear words also seem to be filtered. What's the deal?

Linked in the article is their list & dates of the new top level domains coming - https://www.cloudflare.com/tld-policies/

I hope to see a few more obscure ones in the future, especially the 2 letter ones like 'im'

This article refers to TLDs as domain "extensions" in a few places, which is not really a thing(1). Please don't make it a thing.

1. Or at least to the extent that it is currently a (small) thing, it's the wrong thing.

The amount of new products and/or features from Cloudflare over the last few weeks has been crazy.

I wish they would support .my TLDs.

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