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Counterweight and the Movement Against “Wokeness” (theatlantic.com)
6 points by jseliger 24 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Is it at all possible to be against this new version of Calvinism that treats European ancestry as original sin and insists on total depravity with no hope of forgiveness without sounding like an adherent of the alt-reich?

I don't care much for old-school racism or white supremacy, but the new "with us or against us" social contract that adherents of Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X. Kendi seem determined to foist on us doesn't look any different or better to me. I don't believe in acceptable bigotries.

>without sounding like an adherent of the alt-reich?

Sure it is. That you must be an "adherent of the alt-reich" for being against it, is just a strawman of the woke "left" that alienates large chunks of both the right and the center (and large parts of the left, especially people raised and invested on the traditional, class and civil rights, based left).

>I don't care much for old-school racism or white supremacy

Very few do, basically fringe loonies. That's the whole point. Movements like the "woke" movement don't get big when most people, media, corporations, etc. are racist and pro-patriarchy and pro-religion and so on. That is, they would never have gotten big in the 50s or 60s or even 80s. They get big when most peopla aren't, when it's safe to the point that even Disney is "woke". It's basically posturing.

Similarly to how the LGBTQ activists were left all alone for decades, from the same groups (media, Hollywood, enterprises, print, etc. and often the very same hypocrite people that now pretend to be all about their rights. It's not because now it's more pressing to fight for them and more repressive than before - it's because now it's perfectly safe to be so.

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