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Show HN: SQLite Playground (sqlime.org)
213 points by nalgeon 21 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 36 comments

What I've always lacked is something similar to JSFiddle / CodePen, but for SQLite. An online playground to quickly test the SQL query and share it with others.

Here is what I wanted:

— Binary database import, not just SQL schema.

— Support both local and remote databases (by url).

— Save the database and queries in the cloud.

— Free of charge, no sign-up required.

— The latest version of SQLite.

— Minimalism.

So I did it myself — an online SQLite playground for debugging and sharing SQL snippets.

Sample database: https://sqlime.org/#gist:e012594111ce51f91590c4737e41a046

Good work, always happy to see new tools related to SQLite and Wasm!

As I see, currently you're loading whole DB into the memory, so large databases might become a problem. Did you think of adopting https://wicg.github.io/file-system-access, so users could query their databases directly from filesystem?

Thanks! Not really — the playground is meant for small databases. Just as one won't develop the whole app in JSFiddle, they probably won't import a large database to the playground.

> It is not a W3C Standard nor is it on the W3C Standards Track

In other words, it should not be used. More concretely IIRC it only works on Chrome.

really nice that you've used wasm and no server. This seems really secure to test.

I was thinking at first: Hey, this might be kinda dangerous, imagine iterating in a tool and sending my database to a server and any attacker retrieves the database.

But since it runs everything inside of the browser with wasm i found it WAY more secure. Nice that you've done it, will probably use it a lot.

Thanks! I've always liked the idea of SQL in the browser, since the Web SQL times.

That part is provided by the excellent sql.js project btw: https://github.com/sql-js/sql.js/

It would of course also increase server's potential attack layer. sqlite had some bugs, potentially exploitable, if you are able to invoke arbitrary statements

https://www.sqlite.org/cves.html https://www.sqlite.org/security.html

It can't change under you on a whim though, can't it? Unless you host it yourself.

Sure but you can always keep the network tab in the devtools open and be confident nothing is getting exfiltrated

Once you see a connection doing so, it is too late :)

Love it! It'd be nice to have a couple more example datasets, and I'd promote them to the top level (rather than in 'more'). I think the first thing many users will want to do is just try to tool with some pre-provided datasets - and when it works nicely (which it does!) then maybe import their own data

Thanks! I was even thinking of loading the demo database by default (instead of creating the empty one).

How does it differ from http://sqlfiddle.com/ ?

It's easier to say how are they similar: both are capable of executing SQL in the browser. The rest is different.

I have been using https://www.db-fiddle.com/

Awesome, looks like using sqlite in browser is trending and there are new tools created often.

Even I created a tool :) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=25791207

This is great! Very useful - great work on getting it up and running.

Coincidentally I threw together something very similar recently to run sqlite over csv files. It's very WIP right now and missing lots of useful things (e.g. currently every column is TEXT and maany more QOL things) but remarkably similar to sqlime!


Very cool. What better way to learn than to test and play and iterate. Thanks for making this! And beautiful it is, too.

Thanks a lot! Glad you find it useful.

query results are not escaped. haha https://sqlime.org/#gist:d31fd00895d34821797ccde8f94169fe

How does this compare to phiresky's work?

Can you include the FTS5 module?

Their work is a great POC how to handle large databases in the browser.

Mine is a tool for testing and sharing small snippets of SQL code.

Looks good, only thing I'd like to see added is the wholenumber extension. It's surprisingly useful for creating mock data for tests.

Looks great! I created something similar at http://sqlforever.com/

Nice. A good wrapper around sql.js has been in my (ever-growing) want/todo list for some time. Good to see a decent implementation of the idea!

True, sql.js just asks for something like that :–) Thank you!

I'm afraid I don't see the point of this at all. What does it offer that running sqlite from my command line does not?

The same argument could be said for most web-based playgrounds. I'd argue for small prototyping, playgrounds/pens offer an easier interface and enable sharing of artifacts

Five of the six points the OP mentions are relevant, specially #5:

> — The latest version of SQLite.

And minimalism is certainly appreciated also!

Presumably use on bad devices with no CLI available. Also sharing URLs with people to show them a thing quickly.

no .tables command?

Nope — that's not SQL. Dot commands are available only in SQLite's CLI.

But there are 'more > show tables' command in the toolbar and Ctrl+/ shortcut which do exactly that.

True, but this is a SQLite CLI, isn't it? Run in a web browser?

As others have mentioned there is a menu option to show the tables. You can also run this sql query to see the tables:

SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table'

Heh, that's the first thing I tried, "show tables"

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