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The short version is basically:

1. You can still do full "discovery" (i.e., understanding what they're already doing and why, decision-making, current workarounds, etc.), which gives you a better foundation of understanding from which to come up with product ideas

2. But it's MUCH harder to do conversation-only "validation" (i.e., getting confirmation that they're going to buy and use your specific thing before it exists)

So in B2C (and also if building something deep into the future, like 3D Printing), you basically do your discovery as normal and then skip the commitments/validation, jump straight to a quick prototype, and follow the normal iterative product-first learning approach.

A couple Q&A videos (<5min each) that might be relevant:

- You can't learn everything, but can learn more than nothing: https://youtu.be/O16IefIu1zc

- Situations where you need a prototype to keep learning: https://youtu.be/EZGiaIxB0HA

- Traps and solutions to 'nice-to-have' validation: https://youtu.be/yxQoRp01HuQ

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