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I’ve advocated DX across my leadership career. However, I believe current development methodologies are at odds with significant DX improvement. Engineers didn’t start out making micro service architecture. It emerged as a consequence of large organizations running agile teams (Conway’s Law). Agile teams are solving their problems, which are a subset of the org’s problems at best or ironically opposed to them at worst. Anyone who’s had to fight another team to get something done knows what I’m talking about. That means DX will always cater to the lowest common denominator among them, much like third party tools will try to solve for breadth of user needs over depth.

If we really want a better DX paradigm, we need to figure out another way of working that isn’t agile, either with a big A or a little a. I don’t know what that is yet, but doing anything less will just be the equivalent of making a better Jira.

> we need to figure out another way of working that isn’t agile,

Isn't devops the next generation? (I mean devops as promulgated by Accelerate: https://www.amazon.com/Accelerate-Software-Performing-Techno... , not 'smoosh the devs and ops teams together, add Jenkins and hope for the best'.)

I'm not convinced it's materially different. At scale it looks similar to large agile organizations of today.

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