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Anyone who takes part in this is a fucking fascist. This is not just simple rioting and looting, it is a backlash upon the failed establishment in the UK. The young people can't find jobs and can't afford to go to school. They are poor, hopeless, and destitute; oppressed by the ever growing disparity between who is rich and who is poor. This is probably not a revolution or an uprising, but it is the start of something. People are fed up with government and they aren't going to be able to take it much longer.

So, kids as young as 6/7 are lashing back beacause they can't find jobs....BULL - they're thiefs, they're using any excuse to vanadlise and burn whatefver they can. any technology that can be used should be used, lock up the litttle b'stards

Spot on. Listen to this person. This is the voice of most of London at the moment other than the iPhone wielding, wine swilling, bugaboo shoving middle to upper classes.

I think I might have hit a sore point there.

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