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Girish Mathrubootham Sprints at $12.3B on Freshworks IPO Debut (startuptoenterprise.com)
7 points by MihikaBasu 34 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

All started from a HN comment hinting about an opportunity to challenge Zendesk and eSupport [0] which inspired the founder to start Freshworks [1].

11 years later and the Zendesk CEO screaming ‘rip off’ [2], they have IPO’d on the stock market as FRSH. But you know what?


Absolutely hats off to Girish for this success and not giving up, even with the many competitors, including Microsoft. [3]

On top of that, it is once again another buy in my books for this stock. Although I would buy a small amount first, I would certainly not mind to average down on more if it drops.

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1358398

[1] http://blog.freshdesk.com/the-freshdesk-story-how-a-simple-c...

[2] http://ripoffornot.org/

[3] https://freshdesk.com/product-updates/why-we-are-not-afraid-...

Absolutely. It came from nowhere and zipped past Zendesk like a meteor. On a lighter note, his shirt is breaking from the seams if you noticed the photo in the article. :)

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