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There's literally nothing stoping you from working exactly the same way as before the "cloud" was a thing. You just ignore the cloud features.

In theory, yes, but in practice Microsoft Office favors its cloud service when you click "Open" or "Save". Didn't they break autosave to only work when a document is backed by the cloud?

In practice, I am continually having to disable cloud-related features (worded that I need them in the most patronizing way possible) every time Windows updates

In practice, common knowledge on desktop computing is atrophying because of an increasingly acute lack of knowledgeable users on the internet. As more and more of the young users who grew up in this gilded cage enter a level of expertise, their advice pollutes forums with cloud-backed solutions and knowledge of 'the old ways' becomes harder and harder to find.

There are dark UX patterns pushing users towards the cloud services and/or making the old way harder to use.

Why do i need 2 clicks on win to open the file save dialog ? If the program is behaving "like before" why do they change it every couple of months ?

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