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Not only that, but then you'd also write it in a way that low-key suggests other people probably also want to do the same thing to be just as cool.

Problem is that there are so many different people, and so many of them don't even know how to operate a device that isn't completely pre-prepped for the lowest bar to entry that they can never be as cool. /s

I guess this is the kind of data point that people might use in reinforcing their bias for a choice they are about to make. If you take two brands, platforms, systems etc. and just search for switchers between those you'll find the exact result you'll like.

Going from Debian to Arch? Amazing! Debian sucks for reasons X and Y and Arch is much cooler. But switching from Arch to Debian? Hah, those Arch losers are missing out on A, B and C so they are so uncool! Heck, you can make this even smaller. Using OpenSans as your Font? Boo! Use Fira Code, that makes your code so much better! Pick any microcosmos and you can find migrations in all directions.

This. This 100%. I don’t think my nerd cred is in any danger. I regularly write kernel code, bare metal code, assembly, etc. I know how to computer.

But the older I get, the more I find I’m just happier in the Apple ecosystem. I don’t want to fiddle with X11 settings or tons of dot files. I just want to open my computer and hack on the shit that interests me. There’s things about Apple that annoy me, but the same can be said for Android, Windows, any of the free *nixes, etc.

Every platform and ecosystem has trade offs and it’s fine to just use what you want to use. Personally I’ve got Apple laptop, phone and tablet, a Windows desktop for games, several RPis running various Linux distros, and a Proxmox server running VMs for infrastructure and tinkering. None of that makes my farts smell better than anyone else.

… except for those nasty Emacs users of course :P

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