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Startup's Autonomy Workaround: Teledrivers to Operate Cars from Remote Location (caranddriver.com)
4 points by clouddrover 34 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

Where are they getting their low latency network service? The existing 5G cellular network doesn't have the level of reliability required for safety critical real time applications.

Hard to believe that a bunch of cameras and video screens can give a driver the same situational awareness that actually sitting in the driver's seat would provide.

Part of me thinks "Someone who's profession is driving could almost certainly do a better job driving remotely like this, than half the people I see in traffic every day who hate driving/commuting and just want to be somewhere else".

The other part of me is thinking "Great, now we're gonna hear stories of rooms full of gig economy 'private contractors' with a dozen cheap Android tablets driving simultaneously in several cars each for Uber/Lyft/Gett, and probably sub-contracting the tele driving out to kids without licenses, which the rideshare companies will claim isn't their problem when a bunch of those kids start a Discord and go all Grand Theft Auto together, because 'That's the private contractor's responsibility. We have no authority there, they are not employees. Sue them.'".

Definitely challenging. The scalability is also where I have questions- mentioned in the same breath as Uber, are we taking the same approximate size? “Supervised autonomy” at that scale seems impractical

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