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Would you trade privacy for freedom? (medium.com/thivy)
5 points by EpicDesigns 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

When you give up privacy, you give up freedom. Knowledge is control. The more the government, or a corporation, knows about you, the more control they have over you.

How has anything described in article has to do with freedom?

nothing because Freedom != Liberty

people install vaccine passport app and get certain liberties but they don't have freedom nonetheless

To answer the title's question: yes I would, but usually when people ask you to do so, it's a false dichotomy and there's another option where you could have both, but the powers that be won't offer it to you. And that's definitely the case with COVID passports.


Especially mental privacy.

Should I trade false dichotomies for linkbait headlines that don't end in a question mark? How about if I throw in a pair of whataboutisms exchanged for false equivalence? The price requires absolving any kind of personal responsibility, convenience not withstanding.

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