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Show HN: Safari Web Extension that redirects AMP (overamped.app)
30 points by josephduffy 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Hi HN!

I’ve created a Safari Web Extension that redirects AMP pages to their canonical version, effectively disabling AMP in Safari.

It started as a project for myself but over the last few months has improved from only supporting Google search results to supporting all AMP pages. Thanks to feedback from beta testers I’ve added special support for some websites, such as Google News, Yahoo! JAPAN, and Yandex. Before working on Overamped I wasn’t even aware of Yandex Turbo, Yandex’s equivalent of AMP!

I’d love any feedback around what I feel are my weakest areas: marketing and design. I’m happy enough with the website and App Store page for release but feel there’s a lot I could do to improve them.

One area of feedback is that the initial instructions in the app were slightly confusing. I think you can (or used to be able to) deep link right into the safari settings. The step in the app says “scroll down to safari,” but the name of the app in the screenshot is “Overamped,” which threw me off for a moment.

Might be worthwhile to have a screen recording even.

This is awesome. You’re making me update to iOS 15.

You should pay the guy who runs the Reddit AMP bot to include an advertisement for your app at the end of every comment.

Also you should hurry, because someone will make a free version of this soon.

Any info regarding if Safari Web Extension will work with other browsers installed on IOS? I have edge and Chrome installed and wonder if the extensions will come to those browsers also. The articles I have read does not address this aspect.

Good for you but looks like a rip off of AMPlosion.

I have an issue with Reddit not allowing me to scroll in Safari since AMP was first implemented. This should be siiiick.

Nice, I’ve been struggling with this so much recently! It works perfectly.

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