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Hikvision Has “Highest Level of Critical Vulnerability”, Impacting 100M (ipvm.com)
20 points by jhonovich 34 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Anyone with a Hikvision should air-gap it from their network. They don't pass any kind of vendor scrutiny.

This remote takeover bug seems hugely critical. Anyone know if Wyze uses hikvision hardware?

We have seen no indications Wyze does any work with Hikvision.

Per import records, Wyze's shipper/producer for cameras is Tianjin Hualai https://www.hualaikeji.com/en/about

It's not in the list of OEMs, but that's not a guarantee. There is more info on the page about identifying OEM hardware.

It is amazing that Hikvision SeeClear (TM) technology makes it so easy for not only stablizaed but highly focused vision and easy-access as well.

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