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In a nutshell, my extremely subjective and biased take on it:

* Citus has a great clustering story, and a small data warehousing story, afaik no timeseries story;

* TimescaleDB has a great timeseries story, and an average data warehousing story;

* Clickhouse has a great data warehousing story, an average timeseries story, and a bit meh clustering story (YMMV).

(Disclaimer: I work for a competitor)

[Timescale co-founder]

This is a really great comparison. I might borrow it in the future :-)

But yes, if you have classic OLAP-style queries (e.g., queries that need to touch every database row), Clickhouse is likely the better option.

For anything time-series related, and/or if you like/love Postgres, that is where TimescaleDB shines. (But please make sure you turn on compression!)

TimescaleDB also has a good clustering story, which is also improving over time. [0][1]

[0] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23272992

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24931994

I like how you always chime in with time series stuff. Just by watching you interact here, boost my confidence on your product

Thanks for the kind words. Our first company value is, "Help first." :-)

I can vouch for this. Ajay replies to my emails on a weekend. I'm nobody, not even a customer. He doesn't need to do that at all. I imagine he does it because he's a genuinely good and helpful type of person.

Thanks! It's not just me, it's what we all try to do at Timescale :-)

I thought Pinot and Druid are direct competitors

> Disclaimer: I work for a competitor

What competitor btw? I tried to open a link from your profile but it does not work.

It appears the competitor is QuasarDB

Excellent comment archeology, this is correct. :)

actually grabbed it from Keybase -> Googled name -> LinkedIn :)

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