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Ask HN: What's your go to for building quick and simple HTML/JS layouts?
5 points by anakaine 36 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I'm mainly a back end dev, but with a new in-house project I need to be able to ship a simple HTML page with the outputs of another process (like a report). Id prefer to avoid the bigger css and js frameworks if possible when making a biscuits layout, for transportability, simplicity, and conflict minimisation.

What is your go to for a very simple HTML page drag and drop style builder? Despite the simplicity desired I'd still like something at least a little nice looking.

I really like Go Hugo (https://gohugo.io/), which compiles beautiful static sites super quickly from markdown. Still not exactly drag and drop but very simple and the default themes are very beautiful.

Thanks, I'll have to have a poke through that and see if I can understand how to customise / build.

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