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U.S. Debt ceiling can be sidestepped by minting a $1T platinum coin (businessinsider.com)
8 points by mmhsieh 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

How long can they keep raising the debt ceiling ? 100 years ? Forever ?

I am not surprised to see the Republicans playing this card again, it is an effective message among some people with short memories.

One of the only things both parties been agree on is spending lots of money. They differ only in rhetoric and what they want to spend that money on. The most fiscal restraint is usually shown when you've got a split executive - legislative across both parties since neither is inclined to work towards the other which simultaneously retards the growth of the budget slightly.

Yes, because generating infinite amount of debt is fashionable now. All that Republicans try to do is to stop the US from following Venezuela's footsteps. Unfortunately, it might already be too late for that.

No, they don’t care. It’s merely a political weapon they use to hurt their opposition. There’s no strategy beyond signaling to their base.

It wouldn’t work if the Democrats didn’t want to spend an infinite amount of money.

How many times was the debt limit raised or suspended under the last republican administration (or the one before that, or the one before that…).

Or how about this one, who raised the debt limit more? Reagan or Obama? Fun fact, that would be Reagan.

Perhaps this isn’t a partisan issue.

Zimbabwe would be proud

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