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OK I'm going to go nuclear to determine if this is some automated script or a manual hack: @Socialize just put $300 (!!!) on the card (remember... this is to promote the SDK Speed Challenge... so maybe click the link so I can claim some kind of ROI! http://go.GetSocialize.com/SDK-Challenge)

I figure if it's a script, the $300 will disappear instantly. But if it's manual, it's unlikely that someone could manually xfer that at a Starbucks counter w/o getting questioned.

Confirmations (max was $100 at a time):

http://drod.io/0G391o170o1e1V0Y400H http://drod.io/1t362M3B1a0t421I1Q0b http://drod.io/2O1R052m0g0q1g1P1x1V

Jonathan here:

The card was not hacked. Looks more like you're just trying to promote your link. Thanks though.

Cheers! j

@jonathanstark someone is totally hacking your card: http://twitter.com/#!/jonathanscard/status/10036286052539596...

Jonathan, re: not hacked -- do you think people are really spending exactly $45 at Starbucks in one shot?

@michaelschade that's my point exactly: $45 was removed and $4 was left on the card: http://twitter.com/#!/jonathanscard/status/10035604975584460...

So someone either bought exactly $45 worth of Starbucks on the card within minutes of me putting $49 on it, or someone is hacking it.

Do you mind releasing the transaction data available? The card went from $100 to $0 within moments a number of times.

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