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I tried to load it, but all I got was: "This recipient does not accept payments from non-U.S. PayPal accounts." (I'm Swiss) Why would Starbucks restrict from where they get their money?

Paying with CC from outside the US works.

Hm, I didn't feel like giving *$ my email. But now that I tried it it says: "Please select a state or province." (I cant find anything in this list that is not US/Can) and "Please enter a ZIP Code at least 5 characters long" (we just have 4 digits). They just don't want my money..

"Please select a state or a province" I selected "Armed Forces Europe" ;)

Instead of virtually enlisting in the US Army I decided to just donate 10x what I tried to load on the card to a charity for Somalia. Thanks Jonathan for igniting my desire to give!

How is that Jonathans fault?

I think he was being genuine.

I'm in Australia, I just chose armed forces pacific and added a leading 0 to my zip code. A bit dodgy but it worked

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