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Ask HN: Will learning a no code solution like Bubble help speed up prototyping?
3 points by Grimm1 36 days ago | hide | past | favorite
From time to time I have ideas pop up that'd I'd like to rapidly prototype and get in front of potential users quickly but that will have to be re designed or torn down just as fast. I had thought that even as a pretty experienced developer at this point, learning a no code solution may be just the trick for this.

That said, learning a new tool always has added complexities of itself and in a lot of cases if the prototypes wind up being useful I'd just have to write it again in something like React or Svelte.

I spent a few hours using Bubble today and my gut was telling me it would just be better to find a visual editor for React like utopia.app but maybe more mature. I'm not sure without using Bubble for a lot longer and investing time into learning their idiosyncrasies that I would be able to effectively judge any real speed ups to producing my initial prototypes and I'm not sold on making that investment at this moment.

Where do other developers here land on this? What are your prototyping gotos, especially for React apps?

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