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These are some of the hardest working people in show business.

What do you mean by show business?

"show business" is not necessarily derogatory in USA's use. "That's show business" is definitely often used to say "it sucks but that's how things are", but "show business" as a whole is also used to say "this is how the top tier does things, pay attention".

Maybe another way to describe it is: Hollywood ("show business" as a whole, but it leaks into popular media in many ways, thus popular [anything]) has a huge presence in both positive and negative ways.

As usual in idioms, context is extremely important / often more important than the words themselves. "Show business" is a reference to a highly visible and influential segment of [a population], though often devoid of analysis beyond that point.

It’s an american idiom. Just means they are hard working folks.

It is? To me it only means "the entertainment industry". This seems to be confirmed by https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/show_business

"Show business" means the entertainment industry. "Hardest working in show business" is generic.

Source for this? Searching for "Hardest working in show business" without quotes turns up something relating to an entertainer, and searching it with quotes also returns a bunch of entertainment-related matches.

> Source for this?

American culture for the past 40 years. Seriously, this is a common idiom.

Can you provide any sources? Google only gives results about a single singer.

I'm a native speaker that grew up and lives in the U.S. People use it all the time. I don't have any scientific research papers available to show you, but I promise you - this is a common expression.

What I mean is WireGuard seems like a sincere engineering effort. I'm not sure why it would be called show business which implies fakery.

You’re missing the boat on this one. It’s an idiom, not taken literally.

Misunderstandings about water-transport timetables in 3...2...

* i'll add that whare i am 'the hardest working folks in show business', is often a compliment: we have our backstage (offices etc), and front of house (dealing with customers) where we have our smiley faces plastered on.

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