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Why I will not exercise my Gitlab stock options (2017) (hackernoon.com)
9 points by ridruejo 38 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Can someone crunch the numbers for me? How much did he lose?

He had grants for 0.25% of the company but left when only 1/3 of them were vested . Gitlab will probably IPO for at least a $10 billion valuation. Assuming no further dilution since the grant, the shares would be worth $8.3 million for a $4050 option exercise.

The real cost is the tax he would have had to pay up to this point, and I have no idea what that would be.

More generally, Gitlab has done really, really well since then, which definitely wasn't a given at that time.

These are options, what taxes?

My understanding is that upon the exercise of options, one can become eligible for AMT (in the US). There's a similar issue with where I live (Ireland).

> I joined GitLab as a Service Engineer in October, 2014 as its 9th employee.

There’s a good chance the stock was diluted since then

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