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Images up to 10MB in size.

Aren’t most photos taken by recent phones > 10MB? I know my DSLR pictures certainly are.

Asking out of curiosity. I am not the target audience for this product.

This isn't "store my phone camera roll", it's "deliver images on the Internet".

If you look at https://httparchive.org/reports/state-of-images?lens=top1m&s... for 2021 you'll see images are way smaller than 10MB on the web.

but this is an image resizing service, right? shouldn't you be uploading the highest quality original source?

I would've thought the workflow for these would be to upload a high quality source, and then the service creates lower quality/optimised variants.

I guess you have a limit as it is priced on total images stored and not storage/cpu used...

In a previous life I built a photo sharing community and it was quite common with >10MiB uploads, the limit I set was 25. It’s just as you say, you want the highest possible quality (within reason) for rescale purposes (and 2x monitors like the iMac)

We can support original images that are heavier than 10Mb. Please reach out if you are interested.

We're evaluating this product to replace our self-hosted "resize and deliver images on the Internet" solution and we definitely do have source images over 10mb. I'm not worried about the migration, but this means that going forward we might need our app (or worse our users) have to resize images down before uploading them to the image resizing service. That's a bummer.

EDIT: I just checked, 2.5% of source images are over 10mb.

An easy solution might be to have it accept an upload of a larger file, but automatically scale it down to fit under 10mb and then only store that as the new original.

10mb was a starting default. We may adjust the upload size of original images to the higher limit if there is enough demand for this.

Sure the raw images are large, but websites rarely display images in their original format. Generally for display on websites images are at least compressed if not scaled down significantly.

Here is an example I just pulled off the front page of the NYT website. I'm sure it was originally a 10+MB image taken on a iphone or DSLR but it was compressed/scaled down to a 510kb webp image for display on the web.


The point here though is there’s a file size limit for images you’re uploading. With the 10MB limit you can’t upload your source image for conversion to the example image you linked. You need to do an initial conversion first, which means you’ll introduce more artifacts.

This is an initial launch, so the limit is maximally conservative to avoid promising too much before seeing what customers do with it.

The Cloudflare Image Resizing service this product is based on has been increasing its max size, and it supports 100MB images.

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