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Ask HN: Up and running web framework for 2021?
5 points by oliverjudge 40 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I realise the old adage is use what you know, but sometimes it's worth picking something new up. I was wondering what people would currently reach for today as a "batteries included" framework that lets you get to building as fast as possible, but keeping an eye on how it might grow.

I've heard rails is getting a bit too unwieldy, the js world is focused on front end and Laravel is growing for smaller SASS solutions.

Are there any areas outside of the JS/Ruby/Python worlds that we should be looking at here? Is Server Side Swift ready yet?

We are building a DSL for building full-stack web apps (in Alpha rn) - https://wasp-lang.dev/. It is designed to be stack agnostic, but currently we support React & Node.js.

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