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Ask HN: What do you think of AI generated news articles?
2 points by gitgud 30 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments
There's a website called www.fool.com.au which I'm fairly sure is algorithmically generating articles about publicly listed stocks.

If you Google the following phrase to find articles with the stock ticker (APT: After Pay) on the site fool.com.au

   "APT" site:www.fool.com.au
You end up getting 10,000 results, majority of which are unique articles containing 2 or 3 paragraphs of text. They release a new article every few hours in some cases, just to show up in Google's "News" results.

I don't believe a human is manually writing about a single stock for 10,000 articles, so in my view it's highly likely that these are driven by some kind of article-writing software, GPT-3 could easily write these things from what I've seen.

Is it unethical of the website to do this? Should google demote these results? Or label it as "Generated by AI"?

If it's unethical, then some of the largest news organizations in the world are guilty of it.

AI-written copy has been part of the mix at the Associated Press since 2014. They create automated text stories from structured sets of data using natural language generation; their first efforts were corporate earnings stories for all publicly traded companies in the United States, increasing output by a factor of 10. They now apply similar technology to some sports previews and game recaps globally.

Wow I didn’t know this. Is this why when you go to find out things e.g. sports game preview, the top hits are very generic and of absolutely no value?

Do you have sources to back this claim?

At least in Canada, Fool just pays freelancers $40 for each of those articles and they are constantly copy and pasting and recommending the same stocks so they don't need to do research.

So it is just humans who are paid by volume.

They should contain a warning label, like cigarettes do

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