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Steve Yegge – Corporate Disease #1: How your DevOps team is killing your company (youtube.com)
14 points by abawany 39 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

i sped thru the first 10 or so minutes but i really wanted the tldr;, first.

so, still no idea what it's about. :-/

The theme of his talks (from all of the ones I've listened to in full) has been that blockers/gatekeepers are bad and will cause you to fail. In this video, he explores the dichotomy of approaches between Google (Dev<->SRE) and Amazon ("dev does everything and supports their services forever"). He then talks about all the companies that take on a middle approach with devops that are not as sophisticated as the Google SRE and then explores how this turns into a gigantic drain on productivity.

It is worth listening to, more than his other talks in this new series so far, imo.

finished watching at 2.25x.

pretty funny.

smashed the like.

title seems clickbaity, but eh.

i've never heard of a devops team that doesn't know devops, but if he says so...

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