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Ask HN: Anyone else using Flutter Web
2 points by 41209 40 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
So I’ll start off this post with saying I’m not the best web developer. I find React/Vue very hard to work with.

I’ve already built one project with Flutter web and my friend loved it. I love the type system and the easy Firebase integration.

That said I haven’t had the opportunity to use this in a professional sense.

My team uses flutter for several things, including flutter web.

Its main purpose right now is to replace paper forms with a digital version and PDF them. We also have a flutter based barcoding app and a companion flutter web app that generates the datamatrix barcode pdfs to print and place in the facility.

Great to hear.

I'm actually working on an consumer facing website with Flutter. I'm sure their is a way to make it look nice, but I'll probably get to that later.

For now it's basically a simple crud application

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