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I think this book appears to be more about the STAR method right? I don’t really know if storytelling can solve 8 30 minute leetcode problems for me, but I guess maybe I can silver tongue my way out of having that many technical interviews in the first place? I guess I don’t see how this relates to the technical difficulty increase in interviews I was talking about.

Attitude is everything. Most people "lose their shit" in interviews and interview at a level less than their real level is. That's true if it is behavioral interview, technical, whatever. I have recovered from interviews where I made gaffes because I won the mental game (e.g. I couldn't answer "What is regularization?" but when they told me what it was I could show I knew "50 ways" to do it)

I never saw a question in a data science interview that couldn't be answered with: (1) "look it up in the hashtable" or (2) "look it up in the literature"

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