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Single data point here I missed my first two years of highschool (less than 40% attendance) due to being immunocompromised + side effects of immunosuppressants + depressed. Work and readings were sent home. I did most of the work but not all. I did exams and did very well. There was talk of having me repeat the second year despite getting mostly As and Bs but luckily I didn't have to.

Fast forward to the final two years of high school. I was much healthier, didn't miss school but did terribly. Maybe undiagnosed attention deficit, maybe depression, which led to a lack of motivation once my grades started to slip + general adolescence and socialising.

That being said, I had a relatively privileged upbringing and depending on your definition(s) of intelligence I would be generally considered above average. (I would hazard a guess that, a lot, if not most of HN leans that way) If either of those things didn't hold I probably wouldn't be where I am today.

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