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> So my prediction is that an average student could miss a year or two of school without major long-term effects. Their standardized test score would be lower at the end of the two years they missed than some other student who had been in school the whole time. But after a short period they would equalize again. I don’t think you need to burn yourself out working overtime to send your kid to a private school, I don’t think you need to risk your immunocompromised kid’s health to send her to the classroom, I think you can just chill.

> I want to present some of the evidence that makes me think this.

> II. Evidence In Favor From Various Unusual Situations

> III. Supposed Counterevidence From Absences, And Why I Am Pretty Sure It’s Wrong

> IV. Supposed Counterevidence From Disasters and Strikes, And Why I Think It Is Most Likely Wrong

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