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Ask HN: Are there any secure alternatives to iPhone?
4 points by smk_ 1 day ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
After the recent revelation of the zero-click exploits targeting iPhones, I am reconsidering my choice of phone. Are there any alternative hardware designers or software systems that offer better security than Apple phones?

How does Android or its different distributions hold up? How can one best protect oneself and ones device?

In your threat model take into consideration that there was a "secure phone" sold with an IM app that turned out to be backdoored by the author in cooperation with FBI.


Choice of device is mostly useless. They're all the same re. Security. Which is to say their only as good as the jurisdiction their being sold/used in. And given the laws Australia has implemented, if a company sells their product here or has operations registered in Australia you can't guarantee it hasn't been backdoored.

Security is only as good as the weakest link. Each company that touches the phone or the software increases the attack surface.

Therefore, from a security perspective, the phones with the best security are the iPhones and the Google Pixel phones. They also generally have the quickest security updates.

If you install a custom ROM (e.g. LineageOS), you can make almost any phone reasonably secure, but that involves a lot of time and hassle. If you don't trust Apple/Google, that's probably your best option.

An alternative approach is to have a second device for security sensitive purposes, which can be locked-down, only essential apps installed, offline by default, etc.

Seriously consider a risk-based approach to your security posture.

use the pixel 4a and put graphine OS on it


yes you can select from one-plus phone

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