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Billions of Code Name Permutations in 32 bits (nullprogram.com)
50 points by zdw 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Cool. Now Ubisoft will never want for Splinter Cell game subtitles until the sun becomes a red giant.

Hmmm... Splinter Cell: Red Giant...

Entirely possible, both “Red” and “Giant” are in the word sets mentioned in the article.

This same link front-paged from a later posting so here are some more comments!


I think it might have been nice to _not_ vary the starting seed. Instead having each playthrough of the game start with the same mission name, but then vary wildly from there.

What's the difference with picking a random adjective and a random noun given the seed?

I'm also not sure that there are billions of such code names in practice, since there are only a few thousand adjectives and some 20000 nouns.

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