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Ask HN: Has Anyone Monetized a Microsoft Teams App
9 points by ultrasounder 8 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments
Looking to bring an app to the Teams App store directly(a feature/app) that is currently lacking and is being requested by several hundred screaming users on their community forums. The monetization opportunity is there, but I am unaware of any prior successful app monetization on the Microsoft Teams platform. On the contrary, there are a few bootstrapped startups that were founded on Slack Appstore(looking at you standuply!). And some that make decent money for the dev: (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17346050) Looking for some precedence on Teams App Store here.

I don't think Apps are successful because the UX of Teams keeps me stuck in IMs.

I rarely if ever look at a Teams channel. I've only written maybe ~5 messages in a teams channel before.

Everything I've ever done has been in an IM/group chat.

Same here. We do have groups for different projects and customers but I never checked them because no notifications are sent when somebody posts something there. I know they store some project related files in these chats but to me it feels similar as Sharepoint - you know there must be somthing there but impossible to find when needed.

Different experience for me. For every JIRA ticket we do in our sprints we create a new public Teams channel and do our pairing in this channel.

If people send me a DM or make group chats I stop them so we continue in a „public“ place.

I don’t know anyone personally but in Ireland there’s an ad on national radio for a desk booking Teams App.

Nope. Can't remember the name of it, sorry.

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