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Show HN: File Search API for Your Software (mixpeek.com)
5 points by Beefin 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

hey HN, creator of Mixpeek here.

I was overwhelmed with how many multimedia files are rendered unused in my S3 bucket, Google Drive, etc. so I built an engine that I could just into any of my new products moving forward. I decided to offer this as an independent service.

How it works: you send your file to /upload where our server runs a text extraction engine on it (depending on if its pdf, video, audio, image, etc. it's a different engine). the output is then placed inside a lucene search engine where you can search the contents (alongside any of your other files' text) using /search.

What can I use it for: the possibilities are endless but this is a cloud-agnostic API that lets you add file search to your software simply and effectively.

Questions, comments, etc. email: info (at) mixpeek.com

If you'd like to signup, there's a typeform on the page.

This is pretty cool. Any plans on releasing some form of wrapper or SDK for this? I have something similar in node that's a pain to maintain. I think this could replace it very nicely.

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