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I hate self promotion. We have to do that even for our year-end stuff. I think it creates bias toward people who are good at telling management what they want to hear. I hate the term visibility because most of it is done just for the sake of getting one's name out there and ignores the impact (even better if one brags about the fire they put out when it happened to be caused by themself).

I thought managers where supposed to help eliminate this sort of procedural and political overhead so the ICs can increase productivity by focusing on value-added work? Instead they just push the work down the org chart.

I've given up on promotions. The system might as well be rigged for all the reliance subjective evaluations. It would be far easier to move to a team with a manager who had a high opinion of me than to change the current one's opinion. The "standard" document lists 41 skills to evaluate - 41! I know plenty of people who have been promoted that don't meet all of those. Their manager's opinion is all that matters. Even if I were to get a promotion, 7% is practically nothing when making under $100k, and then I'll be evaluated against even higher expectations.

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