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Apple Watch Series 7 (apple.com)
15 points by aliabd 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

It is so frustrating that there is not a single mention of improving battery life, which is the one feature that I want.

I really like the idea of the apple watch, but I have a Garmin now that requires weekly charging. I can't imagine going back to daily charging. The older smart watches and bands that I had before required charging every 24-48 hours and I often had a dead watch at just the wrong time (like just before a workout).

I got a Coros watch that requires charging every 24 days if not using GPS tracking. With tracking, it's 25 hours. The Apple watches just don't cut it for serious endurance sports.

I also came to rave about the Coros battery life - I've now had it for nearly a year and it is as advertised.

Apple Watch is a great starter smartwatch, but if battery life matters - the Coros is a better product.

The coros looks amazing; I haven't shopped for a watch in years and was not even aware they existed. If/When my Garmin dies, they will defiantly be in the running for my next watch.

I don't totally get this concern. I have a Series 6, I don't leave the always on display on as that is a factor here. But I use mine throughout the day, put in a solid 30+ minute workout every day and wear it to bed. Throw it on the charger in the morning, it has ~50-60% battery left and fully charge. Good for another day and then some.

I realize some people may use their watch more, or may do much longer workouts (or more of them) but I do use GPS with mine as I don't carry my phone with me when I run.

Battery life is never a problem for me. I know that sounds like "works for me" or whatever, but I don't see how people are struggling given I have tons of battery to spare at the end of the day.

I have an Apple SE Cellular that is activated. I generally do one hour runs, then 2 hour bike rides tracking the whole time. I take it off the charger around 4:30 am, and by 9 pm at night, I generally have 40% left.

I never, never, carry my iPhone outside the house anymore. And in a perfect world, I could activate my Apple Watch eSIM standalone, and I would throw my iPhone away. It is liberating.

But not at the end of the week. Try a Garmin with the fenix style display. Its a game changer when coming from a daily charge watch like I did.

I've forgotten my Garmin charger, gone on a weekend trip where I did hikes w/GPS, and come home with plenty of battery life to spare. I could never have done that with my previous watches (or with an Apple watch).

I don't need a week long battery life. I like to take my watch off my wrist for at least awhile, every day. It's during that time I charge it.

I've had Garmin watches, admittedly, not a newer one as I only used it for running. But I just can't see one being all that useful compared to the Apple Watch. I really like the Fitness integration features.

The ONLY thing I sort of miss is the ability to better handle interval training. I had to download an app (Intervals Pro) to handle it on my Apple Watch, and it's a bit confusing to configure, but it does the job.

If I were more an athlete and needed serious use of my watch in that athlete type use case, I'd consider a Garmin again.

How long have you had the watch? After a few years with the Series 4 it barely lasts more then a few hours. I've taken to not even wearing it anymore.

While I'm interested in an updated model, unless the battery story is significantly better then my prior experience, I can't justify the amount of money.

I've had the Garmin for almost 4 years. And it still has amazing battery life.

+1 for Garmin - I bought my Instinct 3 years ago on release & have been so rough on it. I bring it snorkeling in the ocean, take it on multi-day wilderness backpacking/hiking trips, smash it against rocks, use it multiple times a week for my multi-hours-long runs. I brought it on a 2-week trip to Europe without even bringing the charger and it lasted the whole time. And even after 3 years it’s in great shape & works about as well as when I bought it. And that is without even going into all of the amazing fitness features. Can’t say enough good things.

Series 6, got it at launch, so about a year ago.

>It is so frustrating that there is not a single mention of improving battery life, which is the one feature that I want.


I love my Amazfit Bip. Yes, I realize that Apple Watch can do much more. But Bip does everything I need—counting steps, tracking heart rate, showing notifications—but needs charging every 22-23 days! And costs $60 brand new, not $4-600, has 20,000 (really) watchfaces, and the always-on display is very readable in direct sunlight. The idea of wearing a watch that needs charging daily is preposterous.

> Apple Watch Series 7 provides all-day 18-hour battery life on a single charge,

I have the 3, but thought they had achieved 24 hour battery life in recent versions

They're still selling the Series 3? Last I heard you cannot even install regular updates on the thing without factory resetting it each time.

I get selling older stuff for price differentiation, but only when it is being supported fully. I'd feel bad for anyone who purchases a Series 3 in 2021 and expects to get a normal lifetime of usage out of it.

Plus no price reduction ($200) for a four-year-old piece of hardware that is suffering badly from age, no longer represents good VALUE either.

IMO this is a tacit acknowledgement that besides the Series 3 to Series 4 upgrade, all of the yearly watch upgrades are mostly minor.

What about all those rumours about blood pressure sensors

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