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iPad mini (apple.com)
30 points by davidbarker 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

I find it really hard to figure out the iPad lineup.

Things get updated at different intervals with different features.

Is this last years iPad Air in a smaller form factor or is it an update of that in a smaller form factor?

It’s the new iPhone (new CPU and all) in an iPad Pro format, with the new Center Stage camera tracking feature.

The Air doesn’t have the same feature set.

So roughly speaking the air is a 10” iPhone 12 and the mini is a 8” iPhone 13 + center stage.

That’s a lot easier to understand actually.

This is just a little bit bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone. I'd consider getting that kind of form factor if it has iOS, because Android tablet apps aren't very good.

I can't wait until playing with screen sizes brings iPhones and iPads into a flux of ubiquity. Dibs on the new marketing terms for 2023: "Talky" and "Touchy".

This looks like a great device, but I honestly can't think of a use-case for it besides convenient streaming. Maybe for art?

All the same use cases as a regular iPad. I just want it so it's easier to hold.

iPad minis are popular in marine & aviation.

Compact size is good for small areas, where it can be mounted to cockpit.

I have two minis that I use with my drone controller. They're a decent format for everything else also.

I have one (previous generation), and it's great for video streaming, web surfing, mobile games, as remote control for TV and music streamers. The only use case where I'd want a bigger tablet is displaying sheet music.

Sounds like my phone, honestly. Maybe I'm still biased by young eyes.

I prefer a phone that fits comfortably in a pocket. If you have one of the huge phones, then there's of course not so much difference.

Just a Pixel 4a. I have 20/10 eyesight and scale the UI down as small as it'll go.

i guess its a perfect fit to play hearthstone or similar games on

My wife got a sub-$100 tablet from her job that I do that on. Maybe I'm missing something, but the iPad has never been appealing as a practical device to me. Maybe if I could code on it. Nice size, I can use a mechanical keyboard with it.

If you prefer digital notes, the iPad is by far the best way to take handwritten notes imo. I wish there were comparable Android experiences, but nothing really comes close. Some of those e-ink tablets look sorta neat though.

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