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Ask HN: What's the status of Canonical Ltd, the company behind Ubuntu?
18 points by simonebrunozzi 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
I have been following (and a fan of) Ubuntu since its inception in 2004, and met Mark Shuttleworth a few times in the past.

I haven't heard much about Canonical Ltd, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, and I am wondering if there's any important news that I missed in the past several months.

There was a conversation about their 2020 financial report a couple months back: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27872949

From the source article:

> Canonical Holdings Limited saw revenue grow from $119M in 2019 to $138M in 2020. While Canonical Holdings was at an operating loss of $2M in 2019, during 2020 that turned around and they ended with an operating profit of $20M. The average employee headcount also rose from 473 in 2019 to 505 in 2020. Granted, that's still down from their 700+ employees years ago when pursuing Ubuntu Touch and their other ambitions before laying off staff and focusing more on the enterprise, IoT, and cloud commercial operations.

The phoronix.com website always posts something when news about Canonical's financial state get public. Even the public official numbers. Do a search there.

They seem to be actively recruiting in the GMT time zone for various roles. However, they do contracting rather than FTE positions, so YMMV regarding fiscal details and various other accoutrements of a “normal” company.

Do you mean their plans for IPO?

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