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Ask HN: Best tool used for hosting API and technical documentation
3 points by fandorin 4 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

What tool do you use for exposing API & technical documentation to your customers? A tool that produces nice looking, dynamic pages. Can be a paid solution. Do you have any recommendations (in 2021) based on your experience?

Archbee (YC S21) can help you in this regard. We provide you the CMS and the hosting platform for API and tech docs. On top of that it also works nicely for your internal team's usage. Please give it a try here: https://www.archbee.io

I have heard really good things about about https://readme.com/

GitBook produces very nice-looking documentation. It is a hosted service (SaaS) - free for open source projects. The paid option is for commercial projects.

There have examples of documentation from different companies on their website.


A possible solution:


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