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Ask HN: What 'gem' did you find on GitHub?
5 points by aluciani 38 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments
What opensource project did you find on GitHub that got you excited recently and think others should know about.

PdfTk-Builder: a GUI for pdftk for windows. My partner is stuck with windows for work (and not really a techie) so, this is perfect.

Youtube-music: love vanilla YouTube music, but automatic pauses break my flow and ads are very aggressive. This electron port allow me to have an AdBlock and remove pauses. Bonus, I can use my media keys directly from my keyboard.

Links: * https://github.com/LandrixSoftware/PDFTK-Builder * https://github.com/th-ch/youtube-music

Awesome thanks for sharing and I will check them out.

uwebsockets.js a great webframework for nodejs, comes with websocket support. Replaces fastify, express, koa, api, ws.

Esbuild and postcss, replaces webpack.

Sweet, sound interesting. will look for it.

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