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Show HN: Neovim plugin for using OpenAI Codex (github.com/jameshiew)
4 points by jameshiew 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment

This is a plugin that adds a few "flows" to Neovim for AI code assistance. The main flow generates and appends a completion for the visual selected text. There are a couple other flows that try to get the AI to generate changes to the visual selected text e.g. add a docstring, or do a freeform task like "make all the variable names longer" or "add typehints".

Currently it only works with OpenAI so you'd need an API key to use it, but the plugin is (over)engineered so that adding a backend for something more open like GPT-Neo should be doable. OpenAI Codex is used by default but other OpenAI engines can be used as well.

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