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elorant 7 days ago | hide | past | favorite

And when the current "young" generations grow up many of them will not want to change things too.

I think article assumes a lot reasons wise & ties things together that don't jive. Just because some poll indicates there's something age related about climate change views doesn't mean that age determines someone's support for a given unrelated congressional policy just because congress has a lot of old people in it ...

I think it is more fundamental human nature about what we think as time goes on, and everyone will take their turn at it.

> Perhaps it is time we have a frank discussion how older decision makers are preventing the world from dealing with our climate crisis so we may prepare for the realities of a dystopian future.

Am I reading that right, does the author assume that a dystopian future is inevitable? Is this a widely held opinion?

Predictions of a class war too.

I think the author has a lot of ideas here that are seeping out / not necessarily connected.

I don't think so. People unwilling to endure inconvenience of any kind are prevent the world from addressing climate change. We know cars are a problem but we still drive them basically everywhere, we know our overconsumption is a problem but we still buy stuff constantly, we know eating factory farmed meat is a problem but we still go to McDonalds.

> Americans are once again subsidizing farmers to prop up a failing system a little longer. We can thank the head of that committee — Glen Thompson (R-Okla) a 62 year-old politician.

Americans vote for these politicians in part because they protect their interests. Of course if I'm a dairy farmer I'm going to vote for the guy who wants to save dairy farming, right?

If we're ever going to solve this problem we need to stop blaming everyone else and start looking at ourselves and how we are helping prop up the status-quo .

Sounds like Ageism to me.

If old people are the cause, then so is overpopulation. Level it out to ZPG so we don't add more burden.

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