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Show HN: Bubbles – JavaScript Library for cross connected charts and dashboards
7 points by sushrut141 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | discuss
Hey, I'm the creator of BubblesJS.

URL: https://bubblesjs.com/

BubblesJS is a javascript library for creating cross connected charts and dashboards.

Key features - Supports chart types like line charts and bar charts.

- Support common UI widgets like interactive Tables, Filter Bars and KPIs

- charts and widgets can be composed together to create a dashboard of cross connected charts

- tiny library < 15KB gzipped

This library is motivated by my experience building charts and dashboards for my employers. Using traditional charting libraries gives basic chart types, but applications usually require other UI widgets like tables, applying filters etc which need to be built. Connecting these components requires lot of glue code to pipeline data, transform and filter it and connect these widgets.

BubblesJS provides an intuitive API to allow connecting charts and transforming data while also providing cross connectivity. Support for more chart types and better interactivity is upcoming.

Some areas of where BubblesJS can be used are:

- Exploratory Data Visualization

- Building dashboards embedded in applications

If you find any other uses for it, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks, Sushrut

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