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Design Principles: An Open Source Collection (principles.design)
125 points by alokrai 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Not actually clear what is open sourced here. The contents and links are to various other sites that arent necessarily open sourced. Almost all of the principles linked do not have any license attached to them. On a side note the principles tend to get written up at the beginning and are based on the thought process and outcomes agreed by a few who were there when it got defined. How often do they change or reviewed adn challenged ? To a large extent the principles are like horoscope readings, difficult to challenge & always feel right. This doesnt mean you shouldn't define and document the principles, but also isnt necessarily the one you should remix and adapt because they sound cool.

RE: What am I looking at?

Here's some information I found from the site:

What are Design Principles?

Design Principles are a set of considerations that form the basis of any good product.

Why use them?

Design Principles help teams with decision making. A few simple principles or constructive questions will guide your team towards making appropriate decisions.

Who uses them?

Organisations, individuals and product teams have benefited from writing and following their principles.

What’s next?

The aim of the site is to help us analyse what good Design Principles are. How Design Principles are created and measured. How they develop. Design Principles should be improved over time, how can we build a history of Design Principles and their improvements?

There are still a few more things to come which are listed on the roadmap.


Personally, I do think the creators did a good job with their web design. I'm enjoying clicking around on desktop.

Am I missing something? The idea behind the site makes sense to me, to collect the design principles from all over and put them all in one place, but I feel like they stopped short of being something "great" when they decided to go not much further than just uploading the data to be looked at. I would have liked to see new data compiled from the aggregate of the collected information like most common words/phrases, maybe collections of principles similar in nature, even silly things like how many animal themed phrases are involved.

I recently sat down with my design team and went through the process of defining our design principles.

What I think a lot is missing is that 80% of the benefits actually are found within the process itself. This is because the team gets to reflect, discuss, and show their own thinking.

We had 6 sessions spread out over a couple of week with different exercises and it was time well spent, even disregarding the actual outcome (4 design principles).

A good iteration on this would be to include examples of each principle in action. For instance, I know that AirBnB's guidelines have visual demos. Shouldn't be hard to pull those and drop them onto this site.

Good effort in collecting the principles bit diverse IMO. Would be interesting to do a global analysis of most common words/principles.

What exactly am I looking at?

A random collection of blog posts that have "principles" in their title, summarised on a single site.

I think a semi collaborative site for design principles across multiple disciplines. Kind of a nice idea in principle, just don't know how useful it is in its current form.


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